PWGen for Windows - Generator of cryptographically-strong passwords


Here I want to recommend some unrenounceable crypto-related applications for Windows. Of course they are all free and open-source.

Password safes

Password Safe
Very useful application to encrypt all your passwords. I mean, the first version of this program was written by no one else than Bruce Schneier!
Another powerful and very popular password safe.

Public-key encryption

A classic, for sure—free encryption for the masses started with PGP. Unfortunately, the latest (free) version is severely outdated (from 2002), but you may want to have a look at this site anyway, at least for historical reasons.
Consider it as the successor of PGP—highly recommended! You may also want to have a look at WinPT, a GPG front-end for Windows.

File encryption

Easy and fast file encryption with AES-128 via the extension menu of Windows Explorer.
Blowfish Advanced CS
Excellent encryption program with lots of features (key cache, secure file deletion, data compression, etc.). Unfortunately, the latest version dates back to 2006, so development has been ceased, obviously. I studied the source code of this program (written in Borland Delphi) extensively about 15 years ago, eager to learn everything about practical cryptography and file encryption. Ah, those were the days! ;-) Markus, when you read this—drop me a mail!

Disk encryption / encrypted containers

Creates encrypted virtual drives, very fast and secure. Unfortunately, development of this project has been officially ceased (for obscure reasons, in my view), and the former developers warn against its usage: “Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues”.
An unofficial successor of TrueCrypt, as it is based on the last TrueCrypt version (7.1a). I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks promising so far.

Secure data deletion

One of the best (if not the best) wipe programs available out there.

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